Integration Projects

SMTP Email

Event based email application. The system is made of two programs, EmailCfg and SndEmail. EmailCfg provides a tool to configure the email information (ie. From:, To: ,CC:.) SndEmail sends the email based on the information from the EmailCfg settings. Created for Paragon users that need event based email. Implementation in Paragon using IO Execute program option and/or CS Execute block tied to an event trigger. SMTP Email uses SMTP to send email on Microsoft Windows XP.

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The software will be emailed to you when the transaction is complete.

Juvenile Detention Center Control System

Eaton County Youth Services, Charlotte, MI


Operator Control Station. Touch screen system to control door access, audio control for population monitoring and call button notification. The system includes many features not found in commercial control station software. More Information...

Kiosk Mode

Window CE .NET 5.0 Kiosk mode application. This program will place the Windows CE device in a Thin Client or Kiosk mode. The starting web address is placed in a text file. When the Kiosk program runs it looks in the text file for the starting site. The Web Browser function in .NET is used to provide this important user Interface for Web based applications. We will email you a version without the Free Software Alert. Hundreds of satisfied users.

Multi Site CEKiosk Mode

This is the Kiosk Mode application with the addition of two buttons. Each button represents a different site, with user defined button labels. Navigate two web servers or control two machines from a single thin client.


Kiosk Mode Source code

The source code for the Kiosk mode application. Written in VisualStudio 2005 Visual Basic.

The software will be emailed to you when the transaction is complete.


Silo Inventory Management System

No more manual silo inventory control. Monitor your storage silo inventory levels with this inventory management and control system that allows an organization to monitor the material in silos or vessels located across a very wide area. The information can be used to predict when deliveries will be necessary, and allow appropriate action to be taken. For example, schedule deliveries rather than reacting with urgent phone calls.

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Industrial Visual Communications System

Manufacturing plant LED Marquee system. Visual communication system for General Announcements, OEE information and calls for skilled trades from the work cells.

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Industrial Audio Paging System

Manufacturing plant work cell paging system allows the work cell operators to touch their operator panel to call for skilled trades and digital audio announcement is played through the plant public address system. More Information...


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